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The Best Industrial Contractors in Seattle, Washington

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The diversification of Seattle’s economy in the 20th century is significantly due to the rise of the manufacturing sector. Today, the city houses some of the world’s largest manufacturers, such as the Boeing Company (commercial aircraft) and the Microsoft Corporation (computer operating systems). As a result, Seattle is now far from its solely lumbering past. The city now manufactures, processes, and transports most of the exports of Washington, making the state among the nation’s top in per capita exports.

Largely contributing to the industrial sector of Seattle is the Industrial Contractors. These firms make sure to bring the most out of a manufacturing facility or a warehouse. So whether you are eyeing a new construction, remodeling, or tenant improvement, there is a perfect contractor for you on this list. This list lists the best 13 industrial contractors in the city—we ranked them based on expertise, processes, and completed industrial projects.

DPR Construction

315 2nd Ave. S. Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104

DPR Construction is a contractor you would call if your project is a little (especially if a lot) challenging. Focusing on highly complex and technical projects, the firm independently works around any challenge with its specializations and self-performing capabilities. And with projects as massive as multi-million-dollar technical facilities, this technical builder has been consistently among the top 50 general contractors in the nation for over 20 years.

Project by DPR Construction

The portfolio of DPR Construction features 37 manufacturing facilities. The most spectacular for us is the manufacturing facility of LG Electronics, a global home appliance leader. Located in Tennessee, this million square feet facility manufactures the most advanced washing machines in the world. Among the many responsibilities of DPR Construction were the safety aspects, manufacturing requirements, building codes, and quality of construction. The firm also self-performed the metal studs/drywall, door frames, and hardware. With a significant project to the manufacturing and construction industry, DPR has set a great example of solid collaborations, use of technology, and work ethics.

Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

Kiewit Bridge & Marine 383 W. Marginal Way, SW Seattle, WA 98106

It is one thing to be among ENR’s list of Top 400 Contractors; it’s another to be in the top 5 of it. Advancing 395 places among top contractors is a widely reputed construction firm in North America. Kiewit has amassed $12.5 billion of revenues in the past year alone and has provided livelihood to over 27,000 employees. There is no question that the firm deserves all the recognition and profits; after all, it has been building strong for 137 years. Since its inception, the company has stayed to its core principles: safety, quality, and environmental stewardship.

Project by Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.

Kiewit understands the complexities involved in industrial markets, whether food and beverage, energy, metals, or chemicals. The firm then delivers an innovative solution by planning with a firm that has specialized engineering capabilities. For instance, Kiewit worked on a grain export terminal in Vancouver to optimize receiving, storage, and shipping. As a result, the G3 Terminal Vancouver features more than 180,000 metric tonnes of storage capacity and a rail-loop track that can handle three 150-car trains all at once. Completed in two years, the firm managed to finish 48 concrete grain-storage silos, two slip-formed buildings, two underpasses, access roads, and demolition of existing above-ground structures, among others.

GLY Construction

200 112th Avenue NE Suite 300, Bellevue, WA 98004

The story of GLY Construction started with an industrial project in 1967. As the company expands to various markets, the firm realized that the consistent factor for success is to have the right people in the team. Since then, the company has committed to taking care of its employees. Working in a great physical and working environment, these professionals bring outstanding performance to the project.

Project by GLY Construction

The Boeing Renton Site Logistics + Ductbank Projects is one of the complex industrial projects that the team of GLY Construction worked on. To improve the worksite efficiency, improving this production facility involves adding a marshaling yard and a 10,000 square foot storage facility. The GLY team also carefully installed primary power duct banks to connect two substations to the main production buildings.


8005 S.E. 28th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040

Bayley has spent over five decades assembling the best teams. A team member must be honest, reliable, fair, hardworking, and passionate to pass the firm’s standards. These traits are essential, especially that the firm specializes in construction management. In this phase, the Bayley team gathers and collaborates toward a successful commercial construction project.

Project by Bayley

When it comes to construction management, there are three things that Bayley assures any client: efficient schedule monitoring, advanced project management database, and professional organization and communication. Here’s a peek of the firm’s project in the Bagley Hall Labs University of Washington. Bayley managed the renovation of over 28,000 square feet of laboratory space, faculty office, meeting areas, and huge mechanical system revisions.

Venture General Contracting

1518 1st Ave. S #400, Seattle, WA 98134

Venture General Contracting is a Seattle-based full-service general contractor that offers comprehensive services in construction services for commercial, multi-family residential, and hospitality projects. Aside from new construction, the company also excels in sensitive historic renovations and cutting-edge tenant improvements. The company’s fast growth and excellent reputation has landed it on the Inc. 5000 list as well as its list of Best Workplaces. 

Venture General Contracting’s leadership team is headed by founder Matt Parent and business partner Jack Beaudoin. Both are industry leaders and veterans possessing more than more than 50 years of experience in the Seattle construction and real estate markets. Matt started his career in the homebuilding scene and the family construct ion business, eventually starting Venture in 2010. Jack has worked throughout the US and Canada and brings in a wealth of expertise honed in his time working for a large national general contractor. 

Project by Venture General Contracting

Pictured here is the Serta Simmons Warehouse, a product of the firm’s expertise and partnerships. The tenant improvement of this 272,000-square foot facility includes new dock equipment, a compressed air system, and a full buildout of a 12,000-square-foot office area.

JTM Construction

800 Maynard Avenue South #101, Seattle, WA 98134

One of JTM Construction’s core values and top priority is safety. Using a dynamic safety management approach, the firm makes sure that its team members are always out of harm’s way. Some safety practices include a 100% PPE policy, a tie-off policy, and a drug-free workplace. Consequently, the firm goes beyond the industry standards regarding Lost-Time Incident Rate and Experience Modification Rating (EMR).

Project by JTM Construction

Once safety is ensured, everything else follows. Having numerous award-winning works, JTM Construction can safely deliver quality projects. One of these projects is the Tacoma General Hospital Central Utility Plant. This utility plant features steam boilers, emergency power generators, and an 80,000-gallon backup underground fuel oil tank. On top of that, this structure was built to weather and operate amidst a severe earthquake. As a result, the project won numerous awards, including the McGraw-Hill Construction’s National Best of the Best 2009 Award – Best Industrial Project.


3260 118th Ave. S.E. Suite 1000, Bellevue, WA 98005

Before starting a business with any commercial client, Foushée first ensures that the project is a perfect fit. Through a build alignment, the firm evaluates whether the project suits the company’s integrative delivery approach. Once established, Foushée promises to perform 100% and beyond—from team assembly, blueprint building, project execution up to completion. To top that off, the firm has gathered a crew of award-winning craftsmen. So expect that this self-performing firm can commit to high labor performance and speedy work.

Project by Foushée

One of the great projects of Foushée is the “Super Site” of BE Aerospace. This 240,000 square feet manufacturing facility accommodates office space, assembly, fabrication, and product storage. The project was extra challenging because the building shell design was not yet final until the building slab had finished. Nonetheless, according to the client, Mike Hubbard of Capstone Partners, Foushée displayed great flexibility by allowing the finalization of the building design and was still able to work around the schedule and budget. As a result, the project even ended up ahead of time and under budget.

Gateway Construction Services

5506 Sixth Avenue South Suite 210, Seattle, WA 98108

If you specifically need tenant improvement, you should consider Gateway Construction Services. Solely focused on tenant improvements, the firm can offer lower prices, access the best subcontractors, and provide excellent project leadership. The firm also understands how to make the most value of a business and create high-functioning environments—all thanks to the two decades of delivering tenant improvements in the Northwest.

Project by Gateway Construction Services

What’s more, is that Gateway Construction Services is fond of tenant improvements of industrial projects. Take, for example, this Composite Solutions warehouse project in Seattle. Within only 16-week, the firm was able to work on a 16,000 square feet office buildout and a 33,000 square feet warehouse renovation. The improved facility also features a new hydraulic elevator system, common area stair system, light fixtures, and new warehouse offices, to name a few. The building value escalated soon after.

Wilcox Construction

234 5th Avenue, South Edmonds, WA 98020

Wilcox Construction started with the vision of Al Wilcox, a WW2 Marine Fighter Pilot, to build and build well. After 50 years and being passed on to generations of builders, the firm remained true to its goal. The company currently has a license in various states, including Washington, Oregon, and California. The firm has also worked in different commercial construction sectors, with expertise including retail, automotive, and industrial.

Project by Wilcox Construction

Along with building beyond expectations is to serve even after project completion. This service includes warranty, repairs and maintenance, and emergency assistance. As a result, the firm can build lasting relationships with clients by adhering to their ongoing needs. Pictured here is the firm’s project on the multiple locations of Central Welding Supply.


8343 154th Ave. NE Suite 210, Redmond, WA 98052

Deacon can confidently tell you to hear from their customers, designers, and subcontractors themselves as proof of competence. With the majority of business coming from repeat clients, the firm amasses $500 million worth of projects annually, including both large and small projects.

A significant portion of Deacon’s work is remodeling and tenant improvements. Since each renovation project is unique, the firm has a dedicated team for it. The company also understands that most clients availing of this service cannot afford to pause operations. So the firm has mastered the formula in working around without hampering business: efficient communication, planning, scheduling, and safety practices.

Project by Deacon

An example of Deacon’s renovation project is the Eclaire Farm, a manufacturer of nutritional supplements using custom-built equipment. This industrial renovation includes a large-scale tool installation and a remodeling of the 43,000 square feet production facility, giving it an enthusiastic appeal.

Corstone Contractors

1910 Bickford Ave. Suite A, Snohomish, WA 98290

A full-service general contractor, Corstone Contractors has three primary services: pre-construction, field operations, and construction administration. Each service has highly qualified individuals in the team. For instance, the field operations are composed of two project executives, over ten superintendents, two assistant superintendents, three laborers, and a carpenter. Add to that are two project managers, one of which is a warranty manager too. Together, the team of Corstone Contractors employs project-specific approaches to each work.

Project by Corstone Contractors

One of the more specific specialties of Corstone Contractors is constructing self-storage facilities. The firm has completed over a thousand storage units for the last 19 years. An example of the firm’s work is the Icicle Brewery Production Facility, a facility meant to expand the business’s distribution. This Leavenworth facility is also the firm’s second work for Icicle Brewing.


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