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The Best Architects in Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington is a thriving metropolitan city located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Known for its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and creative spirit, Seattle has become a highly desirable destination for both commercial and residential properties. Its robust economy, diverse industries, and high-quality infrastructure make it an attractive location for thriving businesses.


510 Ballard Ave NW Suite B, Seattle, WA 98107

Heliotrope is a design firm founded in 1999. It has been recognized for its impressive portfolio of bespoke residential and commercial projects that have impacted Seattle, the Northwest region, and beyond. Taking inspiration from the heliotrope flower, which turns towards the sun, the firm believes that exceptional places are imbued with an intangible quality that starts with a commitment to what is deeply human. Its work focuses on the context of the client, the connection to the surroundings, and a promise to do right by the land. Heliotrope’s design solutions prioritize sustainability, low impact, and improvement of the site where they exist.

Michael Mora and Joseph Herrin are the company’s founders. Both are members of the American Institute of Architects.

Graham Baba Architects

1507 Belmont Ave Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98122

Graham Baba Architects is an accomplished Pacific Northwest firm known for its original approach to designing commercial, residential, and art spaces. By utilizing natural materials such as metal, wood, and glass in their natural state, the firm aims to create authenticity in every project. The firm’s designs are marked by subtle and economic moves that result in spaces that tell a story and foster social interaction and community. Collaboration and thoughtful creativity drive the team, and every employee is deeply involved in the project development process.

Graham Baba Architects work tirelessly to celebrate the unique qualities of each site and program while keeping the client’s vision at the forefront. In 2021, it expanded by opening a new office in Bellingham, Washington. With over 30 employees, Graham Baba Architects produces exceptional designs and design deliverables for each project, making it a standout in the architecture industry.

Best Practice

1419 S. Jackson St, #14, Seattle, WA 98144

Best Practice is a Seattle-based architecture firm actively pursuing creative projects since 2011. Led by partners Ian Butcher, Kailin Gregga, and Kip Katich, the firm is renowned for its diverse portfolio of projects, from residential to commercial and cultural work. They have won several awards from AIA Seattle and have been featured in well-known publications.

With a roster of projects currently split between 60% commercial and 40% residential, Best Practice is actively expanding its team and tackling larger projects. The firm encourages its team to develop ideas based on the unique characteristics of each project rather than being bound to a specific design aesthetic or process. It fosters an attitude in the studio not centered on a single design vision and champions great ideas, regardless of who is responsible.

Floisand Studio Architects

1941 1st Ave South, Studio 2E, Seattle, WA 98134

Floisand Studio Architects, established in 1999, is a professional architecture firm led by a husband-and-wife team, Richard Floisand and Allison Hogue. The company partners with clients and craftspeople to design buildings that will endure and serve as dynamic and creative environments for living. Its approach is centered on listening and utilizing its diverse experiences as homeowners, entrepreneurs, parents, and active community members to develop and guide customized design solutions from concept to completion.

Floisand Studio Architects specializes in meticulously detailed architecture that reflects modern life and work. It produces economical and elegant projects that embody its clients’ perspectives, always within budget, schedule, and site limits. The company’s portfolio includes various residential, commercial, and cultural projects in all scales, including new construction, adaptive reuse, additions, planning, furniture, and lighting design.

Olson Kundig

159 South Jackson St Ste 600, Seattle, WA 98104

Olson Kundig is a design firm in business for nearly 60 years, offering a full range of design services to clients worldwide. The company’s approach to design is centered on integrating architecture, exhibit design, interior design, urban design, and landscape architecture to expand the context of built and natural landscapes.

Olson Kundig’s work includes commercial and mixed-use buildings, museums, cultural and civic centers, residences, and hospitality projects. Olson Kundig is rooted in the Pacific Northwest, but its projects span the globe. With a staff of more than 250, the company combines the capacity of a large firm with the personalized approach of a small practice. The firm’s design philosophy is based on collaboration and creativity, with a commitment to sustainability and a focus on creating functional, striking, and meaningful spaces.

Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young Architects

1501 E. Madison St Ste 205, Seattle, WA 98122

Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young (SKL) is a group of architects and designers who create buildings and spaces that are not only attractive but also environmentally and socially responsible. Based in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, with a branch office in the Twin Cities, SKL works collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to design structures that meet their needs and reflect their ideas. Its design process is iterative and incorporates feedback at every level to ensure that the final product is a true collaboration between SKL and the community.

In addition to its work with clients, SKL believes in giving back to the communities where it lives and works. Through its in-house pro bono program, it provides architectural design services to underserved communities, creating functional, striking structures that have a lasting social, environmental, and economic impact.

b9 Architects

610 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

b9 architects is a firm that specializes in creating original modern architecture that positively impacts the urban environment. Their focus on sustainable, transit-oriented, and walkable communities is evident in their completed projects, which include urban single- and multifamily housing projects, live-work dwellings, and commercial interiors. Bradley Khouri, the principal of b9 architects, has also developed his own multifamily infill projects in Seattle that prioritize preserving quality existing housing stock.

b9 architects has received recognition for its design excellence and commitment to sustainability through publications, speaking engagements, and awards. Additionally, as a 1% For the Planet member, the firm donates a minimum of 1% of its gross sales to environmental organizations. By creating architecture that is not only striking but also environmentally conscious and community-centric, b9 architects is making a positive impact on the world.


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